Ellen W. Physician

Opportunity Captured: Ellen started on Safety Regulations 3 years ago, Ellen is in a great position; she has become familiar and comfortable with how OSHA Standards and has had a few years to really appreciate the benefits of the current situation of her clinic. It makes life so simple by allowing her to see our offices with absolute cooperation and no referrals needed either!

The plan was perfect for her and she was happy. But after doing some research and finding Point of Care Consults, with their help she was able to keep her clinic stand on following federal regulations. Every year! That’s a little more peace of mind.


Linda G. Lab Incharge


Opportunity Captured :“Point Of Care Consults did an outstanding job at putting together our Lab Safety & Health Manual, and all other Regulation Procedures. The training they did at my lab was talked about for days after the class was over and everyone learned something. Their ability to think outside of the box and knowledge of the OSHA standards are top-notch. I think Point of Care Consults is the best safety consulting company I have ever used.

Point Of Care Consults delivered peace of mind, and savings back in her pocket!

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